HBO Content Might be Heading to… Netflix?

Some HBO content could be headed to Netflix, according to a fascinating report from Deadline. If completed, the deal would signal a significant move from parent company Warner Bros. Discovery. As the article notes, there have been no deals for HBO content to be on rival services since 2014.

CEO David Zaslav has been looking to place some HBO content away from its new Max app and onto free, ad-supported services. However, potentially doing a deal with a direct competitor such as Netflix is hugely surprising. The Netflix deal is though understood to still allow HBO shows to remain on Max too. The first show being discussed is reportedly the comedy “Insecure”.

The decision, like the existing deals, is financially driven. Removing content can serve as a tax write-off and WBD can generate revenue by doing deals with other providers to show its content. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with less popular shows.

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The moves in streaming over the last few months, including WBD shifting some of its content, were discussed in the latest podcast episode with Tom Merritt. Listen in the player below, here or wherever you normally get your podcasts.

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