Actors’ Union Launches AI Toolkit

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Equity, the performing arts and entertainment trade union, launched an AI toolkit on Thursday. The aim is to make sure performers know their rights and are protected as AI becomes more prevalent in the entertainment industry.

The introduction to the toolkit explains:

AI is playing an increasing role in different workplaces across the performing arts and entertainment industries. We are committed to ensuring that this rapidly developing technology works for our members and not just their bosses.

The union’s New Media Official Liam Budd told Deadline: 

With use of AI on the rise across the entertainment industries, Equity is taking action and giving our members the tools they need to safeguard their legal rights. We are proud to be leading the way by producing a ground-breaking template AI contract and setting out new industry standards.

There are concerns, for example, that actors’ performances could be cloned. 

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The launch could hardly be more timely. For one thing, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak has met US president Joe Biden in Washington, with the growth of AI high on the agenda. For another, AI is a key part of ongoing negotiations in the US between the writers union the WGA and actors Union SAG-AFTRA. There was also language on the subject in a recent deal struck between the studio and the DGA, the union repressing directors, as discussed with The Ankler’s Sean McNulty on this week’s podcast.

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