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Welcome to The Addition Blog! It’s been a very exciting few months since I launched my newsletter and podcast. I am so grateful for the support I have received. The newsletter will continue to go out twice a week, with a new podcast episode once a week. If you have not yet had a chance to sign-up for the newsletter, you can do so here:

The podcast goes to that Substack page too and arrives straight in your inbox with some more explanation about what each episode is about. You can also subscribe to the podcast wherever you normally listen to shows, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

However, I wanted to expand what The Addition does. There are some stories and issues that are worth covering, other things that are worth sharing, that would not necessarily be a topic for a whole newsletter. That is mainly what will be on this site.

It feels like a bit of a homecoming for me as I started much of my journalism and media career writing a variety of blogs. I was also inspired to take this step after reading The Verge editor Nilay Patel explaining how that site came across its new design:

We sat down and thought about what was really important to us and how to make our homepage valuable every time you open it. We also thought about where we came from and how we built The Verge into what it is today. And we landed on: well shit, we just need to blog more.

That statement stirred those feelings in me too, so here we are! The centrepiece of The Addition will remain the newsletter and podcast. That is where I will continue to break my biggest stories and chat with key figures from media and tech. The podcast will always be ad-supported, but I intend to put an increasing amount of the newsletter behind a paywall. Therefore, you will get more from it, along with my gratitude and the righteous feeling you’re supporting independent media, if you become a paid subscriber. It costs just £35 per year.

Ultimately, the idea is that the newsletter, podcast and blog all complement each other as places for covering the crossover between media and tech. Thanks so much for reading, subscribing and sharing!

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